Hi. I’m Wouter Soudan.* I’m a humanities academic, turned typographer, turned frontend developer. Rhythmus is my design / letterpress / webdev studio.

I’m a techno-libertarian anarcho-conservative cypherpunk, as well.
I’m a techno-libertarian anarcho-conservative cypherpunk, as well.

I got a PhD in art history and did a post-doc in computational linguistics. In my Sturm-und-Drang period (when I studied classical languages and philosophy) I founded Van Nu & Straks, a bibliophilistic literary magazine. Before short, I was a professor of typography, lectured on graphic and UX design, and did some freelancing. I’m in the middle of a career switch, jumping in the web startup world. Today, I make webapps and a living as a usability engineer. In my spare time I still design typefaces, tinker with my Original Heidelberg letterpress, and dream up software. Here is my full resume.

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You got content: text, images, Excel lists — whatever. Let’s call it data. You want to get insights from your data, you can see. To make your data seeable and let it shine in front of an audience, I help you find patterns, structure, meaning. Next, I translate this meaning into a visual language that shows the gist of your data in the blink of an eye. If you or your users want to digg into it further, and explore your data from many different angles, I will create the graphical user interface for that, usable and friendly.

I’m an information architect, a data artist, a usability engineer, a graphic designer — whatever you’d like to call it.

Do have a look at my portfolio to see what I can do for you. I’ve created lots of disparate things, from upmarket bibliophilistic books, over brand identities and packaging, to consumer-oriented apps.

I’m vetted in print, as well as I develop for the Web. Naturally, I’d love to work on cross-media publication projects, like magazines that publish their content in print and in various electronic formats simultaneously.

Demanding academic projects that involve scientific database publishing and/or digitization of archival material (like fine art and antiquarian books), are really my thing. Please get in touch, and I’ll explain how we may develop compelling data visualizations (like interactive charts and maps) for your collections. I’m especially interested in projects that would require automated data extraction using natural language processing and machine learning.

Whatever it be: you’ll get top notch typography and state-of-the-art interface design in any case!

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Typography and typeface design are my true vocation and passion. Over the years I collected a huge library, and gained practical experience with designing and typesetting books and ephemera. I lectured on these topics, to a few grateful students, and now I want to share this expertise with the rest of the world. As a humanities guy, I occasionally write about philosophy and art, palaeography and Unicode.

As a typographer I’m naturally in love with the divulgation of knowledge, the harvesting, modelling and handsome disclosure of information. I’m all for open data and information design, and I want to see them succeed. So I code sollutions. Sometimes you will find me writing about structured data storage and publication standards.

As a front-end designer (coming from print), I support the idea that information architecture is about finding the perfect match between content, data visualization, and user interaction. I have strong opinions about usability and interface design.

I have dozens of ideas for apps and web services, which I cannot bring to fruit sole-handedly. I guess, I’ll just jot them down and publish the “specs” for the better.

Lastly, I’ve been seriously involved in the politics of academia, and suffered my share of bureaucratic collateral damage. Unfortunate stories… Bottom line: I became a convinced anarchist. If you can bear with me, from time to time, I may rant a bit about law and “the system”, as burdens for the progress of science and the sharing of knowledge.

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I’m an experienced talker — teacher, etc. I give talks/lectures on graphic and web design, etc.

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There’s too many social networks. I used to try them all, as soon as they hit Techcrunch. I’m a bit of an early adopter (doing Facebook since early 2008). Well, most of them I find boring. E-mail is not my favorite communication tool either (who likes sifting tru >300 messages a day?). Whatever. Follow me, or get in touch, through the chanel of your liking!

(*) In case you wonder: my parents called me “Wouter”. “Soudan” is my father’s name; It’s got nothing to do with that country, but comes from the Middle Netherlandic “soudaen”, meaning something like “sheriff”.
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