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For Web workers, blogging is imperative. I failed at it. And again I blame the tools, for I unrightfully claim they encouraged my discomfort with writing. I am dedicated to the idea that I therefor must create tool that I like and will help me keep going. Meanwhile, here’s the update.

Hello world, it’s been a while… I know, I proved not to be very good at blogging. It’s far over a year since my last post (my first).

That “post” was a tiny success, to me. Not that it became a meme, but it was picked up by some interesting people of whom I got the honor of acquaintance. I love exchanging ideas with smart, endeavoring kins. I know that if I don’t write, people won’t know me, and I would not get to meet them. Write or perish. Blogging is a must.

That firstling was a bit chunky, though. Not a good blog post. I’d better chopped it up in more digestible posts. But I wanted to spit it out, all of it, as good as I could, and before I ran out of lust.

Despite my good intentions, I knew I’d fail at this medium of “blogging”. Because I hate to write, especially in a foreign language. That’s my dilemma: the more I write, the more I hate it. But I have a lot to tell, therefore a lot to write, and, eventually, I stop writing.

To think, to write — that’s the question

Writing is cumbersome, bore-some; one needs to put too much effort into the wording and the technicalities of language, while losing resources for the ideas themselves. Again, it’s a tool that gets in my way. The piekeren over the use of the tool takes over the thinking.

I’d rather talk, participate in dialogue. I’m a Platonicist, you see, in more than a few ways. I’d rather draw my thoughts, immediately design my ideas. Hence the mockups. Pictures say more than a thousand words — you know the saying (!). But pictures are ambiguous, they need explanation. So they still need words and phrases. And not everything can be expressed visually.

I love books. They’re great to dress the walls. In former times (before I had an iPad), I leafed through them, caressed the endpapers and the bindings, smelled at the photogravures. Sometimes, I also read the text.
I love books. They’re great to dress the walls. In former times (before I had an iPad), I leafed through them, caressed the endpapers and the bindings, smelled at the photogravures. Sometimes, I also read the text.

Also, writing helps to schiften ideas, put them into order, logically, chronologically; it helps to create a narrative one can communicate, and the narrative can become a plan, a strategy.


So, blogging is not my “thang”. When I can pull me over, I find myself writing articles rather than ”posts“ — I remain an old-school academic, after all. And I’m a bookish man, of course, a bibliophile. I love paper, I love print. I’m a print designer and a printer. I do letterpress, I like old-fashioned stuff, and long, intellectual reading.

Yes, I love the long form, though I betrap me erop dat In fact I’m more of an information addict, jumping from Wikipedia page tot another, checking in on my RSS feed, several times a day. So, perhaps, I hate to read, too. There’s too much to learn, so I want information, quickly. Still, I notice I do live the long form, in the rare event that I set myself to writing. You see: I‘m quite verbose.

Stuck in the mid-life

Lots have changed since last year. I met several interesting people. I’ve been a teacher for three and a half years, and I loved bringing over enthusiasm to young people. In spring I got verzeild into a battle with I became a strike leader, a union representative . I lost my job (partly), in the event. Quite a mess. Corruption and opportunist people all over the place. Sooner or later I‘ll afreken with them. You see, I'm a trouble maker (or perhaps a trouble seeker, I don’t know. But I do know I love wonderful things, creative people, drivers of change. And I detest the optimizers of the status quo. So, I fight them. It’s coming to and end: a few months left, and I quit teaching — I’m forced to it, anyway. My other day job, too, came to an end. I was a postdoc researcher, project computationallinguistics, disclosing archival material. In november, I spoke at ESTS in Amsterdam. We did wonderful things, but project is still unfinished. The professor is an old man, and he doesn’t know. I can‘t blame him. Technology comes along, times change, and methods of old get obsolete. When you got a certain age, it’s difficult to go with the flow and let go, I guess. So, I‘m leaving academia. Finally. And I go for self-employed. Started a startup. At this moment, it’s my true job, almost 100% fte working on it.

What I’ll be blogging about

I got a few things in my drawers. Something about paleographic encoding. A few drafts on the conceptual bugs in Unicode, about the origins of Greek and Runic alphabets. Something small about porting the DDOS attack to paper-based bureaucracy. I will find time eventually, to write things out and actually publish papers. Not blog posts. Meanwhile I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a decentralized markdown-based and versioned (Git) CMS: point to a few (Dropbox) folders, and see your (typographically outstanding, mobile-first responsive) online journal being created.

My extra-curricular skills and experiences.

My lonesome battle with the justice system.

Fighting the lethargy of bureaucratic governmental organizations I am even a syndicate representative , back-bullying the leidinggevenden if necessary. Designed two curricula.

it all taught me perseverance, lef, the intricacies of law and prudential? text managing people

May I steal your attention for a few more minutes?

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