To Write Topics I will be writing about

Overview of (long-form) articles for which I have drafts and that you may expect to be published here, some day or another.

In no particular order. I have written-out ideas and did research for each of the following topics. But I’m too busy, have too many interests (in a wide range of disciplines and topics) to keep me focussed and finish them. I even got a draft on a methodology I have been making up to help me systematically write and finish articles. One day…

There is this promising service that I should probably start using, and might help me write. For now, I stick to this list, which I’ll update manually.

If some of the following topics interests you in particular, please drop me a line, and I’ll prioritize.

How I built my blog

And why I picked Docpad as its development framework of choice. #code

Rhythmus Blogroll

An annotated list of my favorite bloggers and RSS feeds. #ideas

App development and product design

Hacker News Responsive Webapp

Introducing a little side project. Coming soon… #apps

The UX of URLs

Status quaestionis and ideas on the linkability, readability, shareability, and shortability of weblinks. #apps

What Are Open Webapps?

And how are they different from native apps? A manifesto. #apps

Content Choreography

Information architecture for one-page webapps. #apps

Icons, Fonts, and Unicode

A rant and a discussion on why icon webfonts should use standards-compliant Unicode codepoints to encode glyphs, by not resorting to the PUA. #apps


The Right Font

The (typographical) state of webfonts and how to pick a type family for this website. #typography

How to Build a Font Library?

A paper I wrote a few years ago, along with a database (which I’ll publish on Github), and a few historical remarks, c.q. useful recommendations (taken from my typography classes). #typography

Responsive Measures

Two or three articles on the balancing of type size, line length, and margins, with an implementation in .scss. #typography

On Readability

What’s the purpose of typesetting? Is fascilitating reading speed and/or text comprehension the sole purpose of good typography? #typography

Digital Bibliophily

Bibliophiles are book lovers: we love cotton rag paper, neatly sewn issues in fine morocco leather bindings, letterpress printed foundry type, color lithography, etchings and copperplate gravures… How can we port the luxuriance of limited fine press editions… to the Web? Some ideas. #typography

Swiss Cheese

In pursuit of an even typographic color. How to prevent ghastly text gaps (“rivers”) and an all too ragged type area. Looking for a javascript implementation of the Knuth-Plass line-breaking algorithm, and an attempt to improve on it. #typography

A Critique of Unicode

Why Unicode fails short for the encoding of the world’s typographic heritage, and how we may proceed to a “Unified Typographic Encoding Initiative”. #typography

Paleographic Encoding

Diplomatic text edition and problems with the proper encoding of medieval abbreviations. #typography

On the Runic Origins of the Greek Alphabet

Revisiting a risky 19th-century thesis. #typography

Some more

A Word on the Use of English as the Internet’s Lingua Franca

Dear Anglo-Saxon friends, English is not our mother’s tongue. We speak it “with a foreign accent” and we write it with errors. We don’t know the subtleties of the idiom, the grammar, orthography (GB/US?). Yet, we do our best. Meanwhile, face it: your language isn’t yours any longer. #opinion

Pruning the Information Overload

Strategies for content curation and personalization of news feeds. #epistemics

Reading Plato in 5000 AD. Fighting Link Rot

Some tentative remarks on how we might implement a sustainable, mesh-networked, ubiquituous platform for the eternal preservation of knowledge. #epistemics

The Semantic Web is a Mess

Ever tried to furnish your markup with proper metadata (“official” or de facto)? It’s a masochistic hassle. If it was not for the SEO, those tedious ontologies would have been gone already. A true Web of Knowledge needs something different. A simple excercise: structuring a resume. #epistemics

Custom Markdown

How to make up your own markup language? #code

Piping Tables

On the UX of tabular data. .bson for machines, .json for us, and .csv .tsv for the rest of us. #code

Colorcoded. Syntax Highlighting by a Typographer

Some theoretical observations on the “perfect” color scheme for code highlighting, reckoning with contrast, color blindness, and focus. With an implementation on the client (Highlight.js), and a theme for Sublime Text. #code

Monocolored Images

Some ideas on possible implementation strategies for (client-side!) coloring of transparent monochromatic images. Porting InDesign’s grayscale images tinting feature to the browser.

Escape from Apple

Why ethics forbid me to buy iDevices ever again, but pragmatism has me still spending good money on Cupertino bank accounts. #opinion

Bitcoin Trading Bot

Harnassing cyber-crypto-currencies against (organic) speculation (and nation-state orchestrated DoSS attacks). #anarchy

Analog DoSS Attacks

A port to the paper-based legal system. With a use case… #anarchy

Lean Startup Ideas

What is “minimally viable”, and which might be feasible passive income generators? #ideas

One Idea at the Time

Ideas for a writing methodology. #ideas

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