1. To Write

    Overview of (long-form) articles for which I have drafts and that you may expect to be published here, some day or another.

  2. To Do

    The Rhythmus.be website is an ongoing project. It’s buggy and the user experience could be better. In some circumstances, performance could be an issue. And so on. Bear with me: here is what I plan to do.

  3. A New Machine

    How I set up my new MacBook Pro Retina (running OSX9 “Mavericks”) as a dispensable client that hooks in to my “cloud” of apps, fonts, and data.

  4. RSS Feed Sharing

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could share our awesome hand-curated collections of blog feed syndications? Here are some quick tips on how to do it with Feedly.com: get several dozens (or thousands) of blog feeds into Feedly’s top-notch RSS reader — and back out. And then there’s this idea for an app…

  5. The Glitter of Gems

    Our universities are going down the drain. They’ve become cash-burning bureaucracies ruled by a managerial caste of impostors who speculate with the inflation of degrees, diploma’s and titles. Young idealist researchers are the proverbial children thrown out with the bath water.

  6. Productive Procrastination

    A bitter rant on the paradox of modern society: productive creativity is being discouraged in favor of paperwork management.

  7. Citypath

    How we designed, engineered, and built our first flagship cross-device, cross-platform, cross-browser responsive mobile web app. Citypath: a mobile city guide for Ghent. Product design, UX engineering & front-end development by yours truly.

  8. $ blog write --resume

    For Web workers, blogging is imperative. I failed at it. And again I blame the tools, for I unrightfully claim they encouraged my discomfort with writing. I am dedicated to the idea that I therefor must create tool that I like and will help me keep going. Meanwhile, here’s the update.

  9. Engineering the Anthroponymical Lexicon of the Historical Low Countries

    An elaborate exposition of my post-doc work in computational linguistics: an ambitious project involving the digitization, parsing, and electronic, online edition of medieval archival sources. I researched the data structures, wrote the specs, designed the software, modeled the database, and co-developed the web application.

  10. Hello world!

    A very tl;dr “blog post” where I tell a bit about the path I took, some insights on social epistemics and data modelling for the masses.


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